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A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love . Little bit of lie will ruined it all instantly .
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

be mine again,please?

its has been long time sine the day i meet u .
actually, i never knew how was ur face look it,
what ur favorite color,
what on ur mind,
and so much more i don't know bout u ,
but something for sure i know is there is . . .


i so in love with u even though i never knew u that much ,
i just know ur name, ur birthday , and above all,
i know when is our lil' ANNIVERSARY .

the day i know u is the happiest day of my life .
i start to love u since then,
start to love u,
start to miss u,
start to like u,
start to need u,

most sweetest thing is start to be yours .

but there something that keep bothering me,
were i'm perfect for u?
were i'm good enough for u?
were i'm the one for u?
far most,were i meant for u?

later i realize that we're to differ from each other,
but people do said that 'differences make perfect couple'.
it seem they were wrong after all when u left me
cluelessquestioning, thinking, wandering 
in this cruel set of world alone .

ever since,i been searching for u n our love ,
even though its like worthless to find something that lose it's light
but  i never give up even for a moment .
because of that, i never found anyone that love me as u do .
until the fated day,
i will always look for u .

this is dedicated to someone that really meant a lot to me .
hope that this person saw this.

soon TO BE FAMOUS !!