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A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love . Little bit of lie will ruined it all instantly .
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Sunday, June 24, 2012


if there a moment that can be rewind ,
i wished to go back to the moment when
i knew you for the first time,
so i can changed the fact that i can't live without you 
i DON'T GIVE A FUCK bout the distance ,
cause what really matter is you with me 


for the time being ,
please believe me and have faith with what we have .

and i will make sure that you'll be loved by me only ,
no matter what its take to love you .


then you should know that
 Promises are worse than lies ,
because not only you made them believe in the possibilities
and you also gave them a glimpse of hope 
- unknown author .

Friday, June 8, 2012

what's really matter is ♥ .

there's a time
where i thought that something happens for a reason 
and the reason to happen weren't caused by me ,
i felt relieved and glad .

whom caused all the things that really precious for both of us ,

and its seem so hard for you to let it go by ,
to forgive me for my mistakes and chance to prove myself  .

then i knew that my words would be superfluous
even though I've tried to make things right again for us .


but did you ever remembered ,
the first promised that you made?
the one you stated that you will never hurt me .
then again 

and i felt for it .
just for you to know ,i lied because
i don't want you to know how much its hurt me .


at the ends of it,
what really matter is

and have the faith to do so when the time comes ,
appreciating you as it the last thing i would do
far most ,
to be deeply in love  with you .


Friday, June 1, 2012

just let it go .

" I'm happy for you ."
that is the hardest lie you ever told to a special someone from your past who found a new person to love .


a little something that i found
when i realize you have someone now
though i did tell you that " I LIKE YOU " so many times
when we 'talk' .

^ what i tried to learn and the one thing 
that keep me from being hopeless again .
but i just can't bare with the feeling i have for you .
one thing for sure is 
you don't have the same idea as i do  .

i'm letting you go like you wanted but
there's something that i want you to know is . . .

soon TO BE FAMOUS !!