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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who's ur FREINDS actually(?)

hey yaa fellow !!
now its rainy seasons at my place,
well,actually this state rains a lot,i tell yaa . . .
seem the clouds were "crying" all day here.
no one to persuade him to stop crying i guess?!

today's topic is FAKER as friends.
its seem to be a trends in my place,here at @#&$*!~% .
i never knew that tis culture have been spreadin' worldwide?!
Hahahaa, just kidding,i knew its as long as live in tis miserable world (!)
tis so called bitches were the first group of people i met here.

at first,they were quite a friend,
everything we're doin' TOGETHER (!)
nothing was left behind.
until one day,
they decided to let me wandered in their own words,
as am an outsider in their group which not really IMPORTANT.

I DON'T MINDS(?) actually but,
what really annoyed me is they seem HAPPY doin' so to others as well.
tis caught my attentions to write tis post.

hey,so stuck'd-up bitch !
please look deep inside of ur heart,
opss! seem  don't have one as u keep fooling around with ur story(!)
we don't need u as our friends as u bitchin' around.

hell yes!!
served u right in the face if someday u'll be abandoned by ur so called BFF's.
truth is tis post was actually tell us to pick up real friends,
as we move along the phases of our life.

and as i write,
we have to realize that it becomes less important
to have more friends,
but more important to have REAL ones.

so,CHOOSE ur's smartly cause
they might will help u in time of needs.

today's quote,

Monday, September 26, 2011

whre i belong to ?

a simple hey to greet all of u,

its seem that i haven't posted anythng since get a chance to further my study.
well, as u know it . .
i just want to be a simple person in this world and dedicate my life for something really specials n dear to myself. FULLSTOP !!

enough bout me,
there something that really bother me . . .
something bout someplace whre we can share and love everyone or anyone that we cherish with.

i been searchin' for tis place since i knew the meaning being love and to be loved.
quite fascinating to me bout how bout u guy's?
would u'll like a place whre we can life fully with our heart with out any concern bout others??

i'll tell u whre the place is . .  .

actually the place is in my heart . .
i don't realize it until someone dear to me say tis,
" it's COURAGE to follow ur mind, but its take everything to follow ur HEART. "

at first i don't get it,
but later that day,i seem to get it . . .
we doesn't need people to get to know ourselves,
we actually just need a time of our own.

then i found 'that' place in my heart,
there is nothing but loneliness and heartbroken inside.
maybe that's why am all alone in tis world,
cause i don't get to know myself before knowin' others.

here am tellin; u'll thats knowin urself is the key to ur own happiness !

today's quote,
" Broken hearts don't have to die, it just need LOVE to comeback alive. "

soon TO BE FAMOUS !!