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A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love . Little bit of lie will ruined it all instantly .
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

please hear me, dear GOD

make a midnight breeze that can 
blow off my feeling away ~
away from 

all this nonsense dreams,
all this silly thoughts,
and all this unwelcome imaginations .

please dear GOD,
let my dear midnight breeze,
to take me away,
as far away as it can go,
so i can learned 
to live freely unlike before,
to laugh for all the jokes that aren't funny to him,
to be touch by the warm love in my heart that was nothing to him,
and to able stand on my own without him by my side.

please dear GOD,
make my dear midnight breeze,
be my guidance,
to walk through the world.
be my path of life,
to overcome the obstacles.
be my last hope,
to save me from drowned in sea of sins.

please dear GOD,
let my dear midnight breeze ~
to take me away with it,
to the further side of the world,
where love is boundless and tender,
where joy is way of livings,
where laughter is a cure of  illnesses,
and where someone can rest assure without any doubtful thoughts.

Ooh GOD,
how i wish YOU can do all the thing i wishes for.
but it can't cause it's just a midnight breeze,
the one that pass through the night
regardless of anyone to notice it.
but one thing for sure,
it will always blow off my uneasiness with its delicate breeze.

perhaps that the only thing that it's able to do for like of me,dear GOD,
is to blow a delicate breeze of air that shove off all the problem in the world,
so no one will be burdensome by their problem too long.
that is how i want my dear midnight breeze to be know for.

soon TO BE FAMOUS !!