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Monday, September 26, 2011

whre i belong to ?

a simple hey to greet all of u,

its seem that i haven't posted anythng since get a chance to further my study.
well, as u know it . .
i just want to be a simple person in this world and dedicate my life for something really specials n dear to myself. FULLSTOP !!

enough bout me,
there something that really bother me . . .
something bout someplace whre we can share and love everyone or anyone that we cherish with.

i been searchin' for tis place since i knew the meaning being love and to be loved.
quite fascinating to me bout how bout u guy's?
would u'll like a place whre we can life fully with our heart with out any concern bout others??

i'll tell u whre the place is . .  .

actually the place is in my heart . .
i don't realize it until someone dear to me say tis,
" it's COURAGE to follow ur mind, but its take everything to follow ur HEART. "

at first i don't get it,
but later that day,i seem to get it . . .
we doesn't need people to get to know ourselves,
we actually just need a time of our own.

then i found 'that' place in my heart,
there is nothing but loneliness and heartbroken inside.
maybe that's why am all alone in tis world,
cause i don't get to know myself before knowin' others.

here am tellin; u'll thats knowin urself is the key to ur own happiness !

today's quote,
" Broken hearts don't have to die, it just need LOVE to comeback alive. "


soon TO BE FAMOUS !!