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A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love . Little bit of lie will ruined it all instantly .
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Only me .

i learned to forget the one who forgot me ,
i learned to forgive everyone who hurt me ,
i learned to be the best for every person i love ,
However ,there something can't be learnt which ,


simple quote that i favor the most .

there were some people 
said that is something wrong with me?
maybe there is .
perhaps i missed being miss ,
maybe that the reasons why .

Why i cried all night with no reason ,
Why i smiled when nobody there ,
Why i felt loneliness inside 'here' ,
Why i felt heavy burden when there isn't .

was there a way to pull out this feeling?
was there a way to kill this feeling?
was there a way to make it all right?
was there a way to stop this feeling?

i don't think i have the answer to all the questions above ,
or maybe i does .
if it's an answer to all my questions up there ,
it's would b'cause i'm very hurts .

i hurt some much that i felt numb ,
to every words u said ,
to every sentences u made ,
to every excused u used ,
to every last thing u did to me .

but still ,

i say " it's nothing " although it was something .
i lied b'cause i don't want u to know
how much it's hurt me .


perhaps ,
this is the END of our stories ,
together .

therefore ,

i would walked away from all this " story of us " ,
and make a new one .
this time around it's gonna be " only me " in it .


soon TO BE FAMOUS !!