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A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love . Little bit of lie will ruined it all instantly .
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

note from Lil'Heart

Since the first time i saw you,

i was petrified by 
sweet smile of yours,
that makes other envy .

The smile that 
vanish the unease of mind,
calm the tide of passion,
melt the coldness of heart,
and cherish the little life of mine .

your's smile are just too sincere,
the one without reason to be,
the one that superfluous than words ,
the only one shows true meaning of
serendipity of life .

as i love to see your smile every single days of mine,
sometimes its just not there .
as in the deepest parts of your heart,
your hid your's anxiety in life .

which make you unsure bout yourself ,
made you drowned in sea of misconceptions ,
threaten your root of beliefs ,
and led you to somewhere that even slightest sight of light can't pass through .

though i can't bare to see you live without soul as breath in lifeless air ,
i can't do anything as i wasn't the one ,
the one to look up upon ,
the one to be with ,
the one to fall in love with .

till this very day,
i just can only see you from far aside without being notice ,
and this feeling itself i kept a secret until the very moment
to let you know that
no matter how, what, and say bout you,
i'll always believe in you 
as i'll always love and like you for what you're .

one last thing i hopes from you is always to find a reasons to smile as
you're somebody's reason to smile .

P/S :


soon TO BE FAMOUS !!